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BLKHRTS 'dead drops vol 1' heart-shaped 12"

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“that real gothic hip hop” - The Needle Drop

“BLKHRTS describe themselves as M.O.P.-meets-Morrissey. Somehow, this is largely accurate.” - Pitchfork [Our favorite underrated rap releases of the year]

After slews of videos and mixtapes, guest production & remixes for HEEMS and clipping., BLKHRTS present their first vinyl release: ‘Dead Drops vol.1’. Crafted completely by the group’s own hand, Deathbomb Arc is honored to provide exclusive distribution for this historic offering.

“BLKHRTS are part of an insurgent movement that’s given hip-hop its own version of punk rock, overflowing with anarchic energy and intensely distorted sounds.” - Entertainment Weekly

“The results are great, and position BLKHRTS at the forefront of a unique class of hip-hop artists exploring the rugged, gothic underside of hip-hop.” - Pigeons and Planes

2 song heeart-shaped vinyl in pro-printed jackets.

If you live outside the US and are ordering more than one item, please email us at brian@kinsmanandmeng.com before placing your order so that we can arrange for the most affordable shipping price possible.